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It was filled with cheques for home-cooked meals, a girls’ night out, a pedicure, babysitting, housework, and so on.I tried to make the cheques funny too, by writing things like ' Please take me out for a drink and get me the hell away from this baby'.It was lovely having someone fussing over me and just being able to chat about grown-up things." Chantal "I have a friend who gave birth to twins. I am quite worried about her its much embarrassing. Unfortunately reading these comments has made me feel worse haha.She already had three children at home, so I knew that she’d have her work cut out. Not once has anyone of my friends or family offered to help further than my mum feeding my wee boy when we are at hers. My husband is thankfully at home due to illness but due to it being back pain he can do very little bar make a coffee every now and then.So I was relieved when a friend of mine called to ask if I needed anything from town.She was a star." Tracy "I suffered from post-pregnancy brain.My husband always knew when she’d been over because the washing-up mountain had turned into a mere washing-up hill!" Jill The day before your visitor is due, make a phone call and ask them to stop off at the supermarket on their way over to pick up any shopping that you need. I felt cheeky, but she was so happy to help and couldn't believe I hadn't asked her before." Mary "My husband did a lot of the household shopping at first, and he was great.

It can feel like you're suddenly trying to juggle 100 things at once, while being the most exhausted you’ve ever been.

You need help, but sometimes it can be difficult to ask for it. "We had an endless stream of visitors when my son, Zach, was born.

But I felt that if I asked anybody for help they’d think I was useless.

My sister-in-law offered to come and watch Zach while I had a relaxing bath.

I’d showered, dressed and had the kettle on by the time she got there!

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Sleep was what I craved most, so I was thrilled that she was giving me the opportunity to catch up on it." Jane "My favourite visitor during those early days was my friend Hannah.